YOUTILIGENT has developed a unique proprietary technology to help vendors and service providers convert the consumption of their machines and appliances into valuable business insights. Our technology gives real-time data-driven insights on the consumption and usage of appliances, leading to optimization of processes, time, and costs.


Take the Guesswork Out of Your Supply Routine


Our Solution

YOUTILIGENT is an IoT solution that uses machine learning to learn machines.

We enable vendors and service providers to understand the consumption behavior of their devices and improve the communication with their customers. 

Today, Food and beverage service providers work blindly, lacking insights and data on the usage of their machines, causing inefficiency, poor service, unnecessary rides to the customer and high costs of maintenance and logistics.  With YOUTILIGENT, they can address their challenges and needs and finally connect, communicate, personalize and tailor their supply routes and maintenance requirement according to real-time data analytics on how their appliances are performing.

Our Technology

Our machine learning technology creates usage fingerprints based on electric consumption patterns or external signals from devices. Our smart algorithms then translates all the consumption data into meaningful business insights such as new sales opportunities, supply optimization and distribution, consumption preferences, and scheduled maintenance services. 





  • Simply connect your machines to our smart plug (our plug is suitable for a wide range of devices, with no need for technician assistance)

  • Integrate our platform into your internal system (the integration process is simple and we customize the analytics according to your needs)

  • Start monitoring and accumulating data on the consumption of the machines and appliances by your customers and making cost effective decisions and actions.


The Team

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Hanan Brand

Board Member

 12 years experience investing in early-stage Startups. Co-founder of Cornerstone Venture Partners

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Gady Shlasky

Advisory Board Member

 25 years of tech companies leader. Co-founder and President of Optibus

Ofer Klein

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Advisory Board Member

 Founder and CEO at Kwik, a smart IoT Platform, creating connected customer experiences.

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Ilanit Kabessa

Advisory Board Member

 FoodTech expert with 20 years of experience. Global Head of Innovation, BD & Venturing at Dole.

Board & Advisory



We would love to speak to you in person about YOUTILIGENT. Shoot us an email to: or give us a call +972 522566156 

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