Optimize Service and customer Satisfaction

The Company:

The European ‘’Coffee Roaster Company’’ serves thousands of European coffee shops both with their Roasted coffee beans as well as with grinder and coffee machines. 


The Challenge:

The challenges the “Coffee Roaster Company” faces is monitoring the usage of the machines (grinders and coffee makers) to optimize service and supply, as well as understand the usage of their product and roasted coffee beans for efficient and correct inventory management.  


The Solution:

With YOUTILIGENT the “Coffee Roaster Company” can now gain data insights on: the on-site usage of the grinders/coffee machines. Through YOUTILIGENT the “Coffee Roaster Company” can monitor and track the amounts of the coffee beans used and the levels of inventory left, as well as control the maintenance status of the grinders and machines. These insights provide smart operational decisions leading to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction with scheduled inventory deliveries and management,