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Efficient Supply and Delivery

The Company:

The ‘’Coffee Service Provider Company’’ serves thousands of businesses, and households with coffee machines (and monthly subscription services such as coffee beans, cups, accessories etc). 


The Challenge:

The main service and supply challenges the company faces is optimizing inventory logistics’ costs of its delivery routes, while also maintaining and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.  


The Solution:

Before YOUTILIGENT, the “Coffee Service Provider Company” worked blindly with its inventory and service management channels: either sending unnecessary stock deliveries causing surplus of stock by the customer and leading to price reduction and loss, or the opposite, not delivering the necessary inventory on time, forcing the customer to not being able to provide coffee to its clients. With Youtiligent, the “Coffee Service Provider Company” is now monitoring the consumption of its coffee machines, analyzing the needs of its customers in terms of inventory as well as optimization of new business models and sales opportunities. It is also able to track maintenance needs of its appliances and provide their customers with highly effective maintenance service, preventing machine downtime and failure. 


“Youtiligent does not only provide data but also the way to analyze it. The machine indicates that the inventory is one thing, but it can also tell us about faults and data we can actually be proactive on the services we provide. If we can call up a customer and say you can do a,b,c,d, that's excellent from our perspective and how to operate and bring our customers value.” Michael Rabinovitz, CEO Pauza 

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