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Food and beverage chain stores operate thousands of stores with several different appliances in each location. They do not have means to track and monitor how each appliance is used. 

Is it being used effectively? Do the stores need more inventory? What is the maintenance status in order to prevent downtime for each store (which can lead to loss in sales)? 


With YOUTILIGENT, chain stores can understand their appliances real-time usage and gain insights that will maximize their operational and sales efficiency.


  • Track and Monitor remotely the usage data of all appliances and machines in each store.

  • Maximize inventory management per location by understanding real time consumption of customers.

  • Optimize inventory delivery routes by understanding the inventory and consumption situation at each location.

  • Reduce maintenance costs by scheduling efficient maintenance visits according to store locations and needs. 

  • Increase pricing opportunities due to inventory efficiency and competitive advantages.

Generate New Revenue Streams
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