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Excellent Service and Customer Loyalty

The Company:

The ‘’Ice Cream Company’’ provides many of its clients with Ice Cream Refrigerators as part of its services and promotional contract. 


The Challenge:

A service challenge the ‘’Ice Cream Company’’ faces and is constantly trying to improve is understanding when to send technicians to support clients with excellent service and maintenance care. Without great service, the ‘’Ice Cream Company’’ risks losing its promotional advantages. Before using YOUTILIGENT the ‘’Ice Cream Company’’ would send technicians blindly, not knowing if the timing is correct and efficient towards their customers and refrigerators, or send them too late, after their customers have complained or called a technician. 


The Solution: 

After implementing YOUTILIGENT, the ‘’Ice Cream Company’’ is able to monitor the refrigerators status and provide technician services and maintenance services accurately, and efficiently, thus saving on costs as well as increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.  

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