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Our machine does not give information even though it's a very expensive piece of equipment. Youtiligent provides us a tool that  gives us information such as preventing maintenance etc, without getting close to the machine, this for us is a big value.

Ilan Maimon, Partner and Innovation and Technology Manager, Hemro

Manufacturers lack visibility on how their customers use their machines.  Without real-time data to monitor machine usage, technicians are sent to customers either too frequently or too little, causing up to 30% operational inefficiency and costs.


With YOUTILIGENT, Manufacturers can now use advanced, actionable analytics to optimize their operations efficiency:


  • Track and Monitor remotely the on-site usage of the machines and the maintenance procedures 

  • Shift to predictive maintenance based on actual on-site data performance.

  • Reduce unnecessary technicians rides and optimize technician visits according to actual need.

  • Prevent Machine downtime. Saving money for the customer and increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

  • Increase biosafety

Connect With Your Customers On A Deeper Level
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