Onsite Visibility Is Mandatory

YOUTILIGENT gives us data that is otherwise unavailable and allows us to improve customer satisfaction and generate more revenue

Michal Rabinovich, CEO, Pauza

Vendors and service providers don’t know how their customers use their machines, how frequently do they use it, what is the inventory level (if it’s in surplus or under), when to schedule deliveries so that they don’t create an over stock situation, as well as what is the maintenance status of the machines they provided to their customers.


With YOUTILIGENT,  vendor and service providers can now be  updated on the actual real-time consumption and proactively optimize service and maximize  customer satisfaction:


  • Track and Monitor remotely the on-site usage data of the appliances.

  • Prevent  stockout or surplus of inventory and save money, based on actual consumption information.

  • Optimize inventory management and deliveries according to when the customer need new stock

  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing smooth communication and operations.

  • Enable new pricing, business models and sales based on data-driven insights and recommendations.