Take the Guesswork Out of Your Supply Routines


We unfold the data behind your machine usage patterns and translate them into real business value according to your needs.

Our Use Cases

The Water and Coffee Company  

Efficient Supply and Delivery

The ‘’Water and Coffee Company’’ serves thousands of businesses and households with water-bottled coolers (and monthly water bottles subscription services). One of the main supply challenges the company faces is optimizing and reducing costs of its logistics and water bottles distribution routes.  Before YOUTILIGENT , the “Water and Coffee Company” worked blindly with its distribution channels, sending hundreds of unnecessary trucks and drivers with bottle supply, and wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars. With Youtiligent, the “Water and Coffee Company” is now monitoring the water consumption of its coolers, analyzing the needs of its customers and developing new optimized routes for its delivery and distribution channels. The pilot is  reaching 20% in cost reduction. 

Beverage and Fast Food Company

Effective Maintenance

The ‘’Beverage Company’’ provides large Fast Food brands with cooking machinery. For regulation purposes as well as a seamless day-to-day use of the machines, The Beverage Company's customers must follow maintenance instructions on a daily basis, otherwise, the machines will need extra maintenance services and technician calls. Until YOUTILIGENT, the ‘’Beverage Company’’ could not know officially if the maintenance instructions are being followed, resulting in inefficient costly maintenance calls and work. Upon using YOUTILIGENT, the Beverage Company can track and analyze the use of the machines, understanding the maintenance patterns and coordinate maintenance services effectively according to when they are needed most.

Ice Cream Company

Improve Service

The ‘’Ice Cream Company’’ provides many of its clients with Ice Cream Refrigerators as part of its services and promotional contract. A service challenge the ‘’Ice Cream Company’’ faces and is constantly trying to improve is understanding when to send technicians to support clients with excellent service and maintenance care. Without great service, the ‘’Ice Cream Company’’ risks losing its promotional advantages. Before using YOUTILIGENT the ‘’Ice Cream Company’’ would send technicians blindly, not knowing if the timing is correct and efficient towards their customers and refrigerators, or send them too late, after their customers have complained or called a technician. After implementing YOUTILIGENT, the ‘’Ice Cream Company’’ is able to monitor the refrigerators status and provide technician services and maintenance services accurately, and efficiently, thus saving on costs as well as increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.